Sunday, 11 October 2015

Mini Twitch

Kings Beach - habiatat of Wandering Tattlers, Pied Cormorants and Sooty Oystercatchers
Osprey nest site
Ran our mini twitch yesterday and 8 people [two teams] participated raising some $160 for the Carpentarian Grasswren project. We began at 7-10 and finished at 6pm sp it was a tiring but enjoyable day. The winning team scored 147 spp and the team that come second [second not last] managed 101 spp. Some wonderful birds were recorded and it was an excellent efforts, particularly given 'spur of the moment' planning. Hopefully more will support it next year.

Pacific Heron, Finalnad Road near Bli Bli 
One team chased birds between Toorbul and Maroochydore North Shore and finally through to the forests around Mapleton.
Roof top Peregrine, Maroochydore

interesting vagrant - Rajah Shelduck, Bli Bli
inquisitive King Parrot, Mapleton

Koala across the road from my place - sadly no points!

Another mammal worth no points - Ken Cross, Park Lakes, Bli Bli

Double barred Finch - Park Lakes, Bli Bli

male Red-backed Wren, Bli Bli

New Holland Honeyeater - Mapleton
Photos from twitcher - Maggie Overend

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