Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Carpentarian Grasswren Project needs more funds

Hi Folks,

Over the last few weeks, birders across the great state  of Queensland have been traversing the countryside as part of the joint  Birds Queensland and Birdlife Southern Queensland Twitchathon. It has been another successful event, with about 20 teams entering.

 funds raised through this event have been split between the organisations, but in 2015 a decision was made to pool the funds and put  them towards a joint project. We chose to support research into the Carpentarian Grasswren, a bird which unfortunately is in decline, and now almost a Queensland endemic. For more details, see the excellent summary on the Birdlife website by Graham Harrington and Steve Murphy: birdlife.org.au/australian-birdlife/detail/in-the-line-of-fire

 are hoping to raise $8000 to put towards comprehensive surveys of the current populations. This will help gather some robust baseline data that can be used to monitor population trends. We have raised about half  of that through donations direct to Twitchathon participants themselves, and are hoping to raise the second half through our online public donation portal.

So, we are asking for your help! If you feel like chipping in ten bucks to help us reach our target, please go to:

Please also feel free to share with family, friends or social media. It's for a great little bird, and a very good cause!

Thanks for your help.

Nick Leseberg
QLD Twitch Coordinator 

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