Saturday, 5 August 2017


Powerful Owl adult
Sheep Station Creek is a little further than we would generally travel for a Sunshine Coast outing but
I'm sure all would agree that it was worth it!

Some 63 speces were recorded and quite a few would be rare to impossible on the sunshine Coast 'proper'.

Owls were the main highlights with excellent views of both Powerful and Boobook Owls. Passerines included White bellied Cuckoo Shrikes and the resident Fuscous Honeyeaters.

Photos that follow were taken by John Thompson.

Powerful Owl juveniles

Powerful Owl juveniles

Fuscous Honeyeater

Fuscous Honeyeater

Boobook Owl

Powerful Owl 

Powerful Owl juveniles

Rainbow Bee eaters

White bellied cuckoo Shrike

White bellied Cuckoo Shrike

Carpet Python

Powerful Owl juveniles - the final look!

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