Wednesday, 28 September 2016


For our first weekend outing in October 1 we will persist and have a full day of birding – a twitch or, at least, a mini twist.
I’m calling for volunteers to host a team. Your responsibility will be to decide on a birding route and to lead a small group. [Basically the idea is that you strive to include time in as many habitats as possible throughout the day and to maximise your bird sightings.] Birds can be recorded by sight or sound.
We would also like as many people to come as possible to make the teams.
 It is encouraged that all participating members make a donation [suggested $10 - $20] to be given to Birdlife to be spent on two conservation target species; Eungella Honeyeater and Capricorn Yellow Chat.

We will meet in Nambour Petrie Park [Black dot on map below] at 7am and finish at 6pm at the Royal George Hotel in Nambour.
 Those that attended last year’s outing had a great day.
Please RSVP if you have not already done so.

Ken Cross | Local Branch Convenor                       
Sunshine Coast Branch
BirdLife Southern Queensland
PO Box 375                                       
Annerley QLD 4103         |                   
ABN 75 149 124 774                           
birds are in our nature
Tel: 0754457881

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