Saturday, 5 September 2015


NB -  Change of date The October outing will be held on the second Saturday of October [rather than the first] - 10 OCTOBER

The October outing will be a mini twitch!

My cunning plan involves starting at 7am at the state school in Mapleton.

Teams [minimum 2 – maximum of 4] would be decided only then and each team would have to quickly plan and participate in a day long birding programme that would finish at Mapleton [Tavern?] at 6pm.

If members are unwilling to commit to birding all day then I suggest they can quickly design a morning’s birding programme, again starting in Mapleton.

Obviously the plan would involve visiting as many different sites between the range and the coasts as possible. [For your interest high tide at Toorbul is 2pm on the day]. Participation fee for the day would be $20 per person with the funds going to the Grasswren project.

The rules of the twitch are that all recorded species must receive a 100% identification by a minimum of 50% of the team. Birds may be identified visually or by call / song.

There will be no prizes for winning our twitch but your name and photo will be immortalised on our blog!!

 Please email me asap to register your interest in participating.

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