Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Sunshine Coast Environmental Action - Assistance Required!!

Action to save Yandina Creek Wetlands 
The Yandina Creek Wetlands, on Queensland’s Sunshine coast, are nationally significant – and currently under threat of draining for intensive agriculture use. At risk, is an area of marvellous wetland habitat that supports over 150 birds species, including Nationally-listed Australian Painted Snipe (Endangered), Curlew Sandpiper (Migratory and Critically Endangered), Latham’s Snipe (Migratory) and 10 other species of migratory shorebirds.
The Yandina Creek Wetland system includes three private properties totalling about 200 hectares – located between River Road and Yandina-Coolum Road in the Sunshine Coast suburb of Yandina Creek. Previously farmed for sugar cane, the land has not been used for 10 years. Shallow water created from years of unmanaged tidal flooding has seen the restoration of a habitat that occurred widely in the area before development, creating a rich abundance of birdlife and native vegetation.
Landholders have recently indicated their intention to drain this land to make way for sugar cane farming. A nomination was made to Sunshine Coast Council requesting acquisition of this land for conservation purposes. Last week, despite BirdLife’s advice to the contrary, the Council confirmed that it would not acquire the property due to a lack of significant environmental values, without any formal assessment of the wetlands being made.

Evidence suggests that drainage works may have already commenced.
We are calling on BirdLife Queensland supporters to add their voice to the campaign to save this nationally significant wetland by contacting the Mayor of Sunshine Coast Council, Cr Mark Jamieson, to raise your concerns:
You can send an email using this letter template
Contact on facebook or twitter @JamiesonMark  @CouncilSCC using #YandinaWetlands
Or call Cr Jamieson directly on: (07) 5441 8242
BirdLife Australia has contacted both the Queensland and Federal Governments and both appear eager to help protect the wetlands where they can.  Pending the outcome of these negotiations, it is now a matter of urgency that the Council acts to prevent any drainage works on the property.
Help us take action today.

        For more infromation please see Greg Robert's website;

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  1. Thanks for adding this Ken. I had just just sent letters to the Mayor and all Councillors when this post arrived. I hope all Birdlife members will be inspired to write as well. What an amazing place to have in OUR backyard!

  2. It is an amazing place Jenny and we are reaching a crunch point on this issue. More will be revealed soon.