Sunday, 5 April 2015

Toorbul - the other day........

Bar-tailed Godwits - Bribie Island bridge in the background.
Rain had scared many away however a modest sized group made the journey to Toorbul and while there was, perhaps, a smaller than expected group of waders at the high tide roost - it was still very much a worthwhile morning.
Some of our non damp group

Whimbrel and the occasional Bar-tailed Godwit
It is like they say; a bad day in Torrbul is still a pretty good day. [I don't claim to know who they are..] As expected many of the migratory waders had begun moulting into their breeding finery; brick red Bar-tailed Godwits mingled with their non-breeding grey comrades, Grey-tailed Tattlers had begun barring up on their bellies, an almost solitary two Red-necked Stints proved that their name was not a lie nor an exaggeration, Great Knots were Great [Red Knots invisible], and Greenshanks were starting to change also. Whimbrels were there in good numbers while a fewer numbers of their longer billed cousins, Eastern Curlews added to our list.
Royal Spoonbill
Black-winged Stilts and Pelicans

Missing were Black-tailed Godwits or many of the smaller waders or plovers. Conspicuous by their [already] absence were Curlew and Sharp-tailed Sandpipers.
Lone Chestnut Teal

Resident species; Pelicans, Black-winged Stilts, a lone Chestnut Teal plus a lazy 300 Black Swan were also seen as were the Mangrove treble; Gerygone, Honeyeater and Kingfisher.
Mangrove [or Collared] Kingfisher 
Mangrove Gerygone
Toorbul High Tide Roost, AU-QLD
Apr 4, 2015 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Protocol: Traveling
2.0 kilometer(s)
Comments:     overcast day
58 species

Black Swan  302
Chestnut Teal  1
Little Egret

Pied Cormorant  1
Little Pied Cormorant  1
Australian Pelican  20
White-faced Heron  4
Little Egret  8
Australian White Ibis  21
Royal Spoonbill  22
Whistling Kite  1
Brahminy Kite  2
White-bellied Sea-Eagle  1
Black-winged Stilt (Australian)  66
Australian Pied Oystercatcher  12
Masked Lapwing  12
Grey-tailed Tattler  144
Common Greenshank  12
Whimbrel  105
Eastern Curlew  5
Bar-tailed Godwit  120
Great Knot  8
Red-necked Stint  2
Silver Gull  6
Gull-billed Tern  1
Caspian Tern  4
Crested Tern  1
Spotted Dove  4
Crested Pigeon  4
Bar-shouldered Dove  2
Laughing Kookaburra  3
Collared Kingfisher  2
Sacred Kingfisher  1
Rainbow Bee-eater  8
Galah  3
Australian King-Parrot  2
Pale-headed Rosella  3
Rainbow Lorikeet  6
Lewin's Honeyeater  1
Mangrove Honeyeater  4
Noisy Miner  12
Brown Honeyeater  3
Blue-faced Honeyeater  6
Striated Pardalote  3
Mangrove Gerygone  2
White-breasted Woodswallow  6
Grey Butcherbird  2
Pied Butcherbird  6
Australian Magpie  10
Black-faced Cuckooshrike  1
Grey Shrike-Thrush  3
Golden Whistler  1
Rufous Whistler  1
Australasian Figbird  8
Willie Wagtail  6
Magpie-lark  6
Torresian Crow  8
Welcome Swallow  6
Mistletoebird  2

Photos taken on the day and supplied by John Thompson!

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