Sunday, 18 January 2015

First Outing 2015

Saturday outing - 7 February 2015 -  7am - Kirbys Road Environmental Reserve. – Leader/ s - Ken Cross and John Birbeck. Please bring hat, sunscreen, water, folding chair and morning tea. Please bring a gold coin for a book raffle [proceeds to Birdlife].

The reserve is one of Sunshine Coast Council's newest reserves. It is 213ha in extent and provides a key habitat linkage between Kondalilla and Maleny National Parks.

Kirbys Road environmental reserve ecological values

Five Regional Ecosystems are found in this reserve including one endangered, two of concern and one least concern. The four vegetation communities are comprised of lowland subtropical rainforest, dry open woodland, wet sclerophyll forest and dry sclerophyll forest. Vulnerable, rear and significant plant species have been identified including stands of Giant ironwood (Choricarpia subargentea), Marsdenia coronata, Macadamia integrifolia and M.terrifolia. Other significant species recorded are Bunya pine (Auraucaria bidwilii), Brown bollygum (Litsea leefeana), Brush muttonwood (Myrsine howittiana), and Maidens blush (Sloanea australis subsp. australis). In total, 357 plant species have been recorded, comprising 298 native and 59 exotic.

Kirbys Road Environmental Reserve

Fauna surveys have found a high diversity of terrestrial mammals, bats, birds, reptiles and amphibians, including one koala seen in 2012, with evidence of koalas using trees in 2010, and a colony of Grey-headed flying fox. Both these species are listed as vulnerable under the Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. Elf skinks and a Powerful owl were also recorded which are listed as vulnerable and near threatened under the Nature Conservation Act 1992.
The reserve also contains suitable habitat, and previous nearby records of other endangered or vulnerable species including the Glossy black cockatoo, the Plumed frogmouth, Tusked frog and Cascade tree frog. There is also suitable habitat although no nearby records, for the endangered Coxens fig parrot, Eastern bristelbird, Giant barred frog and the Spotted tail quoll.

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