Monday, 29 December 2014

Facebookers - Birdlife Sunshine Coast 2015

Birdlife Sunshine Coast 2015 is a special facebook page to encourage members to publish their bird pics for 2015. So you must have a facebook account to play.
It is a friendly competition that will award the member who publishes the greatest number of photos of recognisable Australian bird species.
The prize will be the respect of all other members.
The emphasis will be on quantity rather than quality. We just want people to get out and see and photograph our wonderful birds.
All bird pics must be taken in Australia during the year 2015. You may only publish one pic of any particular specie. When you publish a photo you describe it as 'Specie Number 1 - picture taken at Nambour garden [for example]. Comments are encouraged and the species ID should be the first comment made.

Best photos will be cross-posted on the blog.

any questions please email me asap!!
Ken Cross

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